It’s more than just milk. It’s 15 billion CFU of live probiotic bacteria in every serve, deliciously disguised for kids in a milk drink with an irresistible flavour.

That’s A LOT of good bacteria to help support your child’s gut microbiome (fancy term for gut health). It’s also got prebiotics – a dietary fibre that helps feed the good bacteria in your child’s gut.


My son loves his Mo-Milk drink. It's an easy way to get extra nutrients into him. Highly recommend!

Karen E

Ensuring my kids get their dose of probiotics on a daily basis has always been very important to me, however hiding it in their food was getting tiresome. Now we have a Mo Milk baby-cinno everyday and they can’t seem to get enough of it! Thanks Pipan!

Fatima C

With illness after illness at childcare, we needed probiotics to boost gut health. But between working, childcare and juggling everything- remembering to give the supplements everyday was a challenge. With Mo Milk my kids actually ask me for their "smoothie" everyday. They love it!

Carmel T

My fussy toddlers love drinking their Mo Milk (which they call their vanilla milkshake)! It dissolves easily, is super creamy and tastes delicious. Not to mentions it’s good for them! A quality product with great packaging to match👌🏽

Deanna C

My son loves Mo Milk . He enjoys all the flavours they have. I am really happy with the results. It has definitely improved his digestive health. It's always fun to see a happy and healthy baby. I would highly recommend it.

Supriya B

We've been using Mo Milk for few weeks now and my daughter loves it; especially the different flavours, Mixed Berry is very favourite. There's been an improvement in her bowel movements as well, great quality product, thank you Pipan foods!

Premal V

My toddler loves drinking her Mo Milk - or as she calls it, her special milk! She enjoys the flavour and I like knowing that we're helping to keep her healthy.

Koren H

Mo Milk is the drink of choice for my 3-year-old niece. She cant get enough of it! Fantastic product and great price. Would recommend 10/10!!

Neil G

We make supplements for kids that taste great!

We know that every parent is doing the best they can. We want to make doing your best a little easier.

Our products have real benefits as health supplements, and we've packaged them into healthy, delicious foods that kids can't resist. 

So they'll love the delicious taste, and you'll love what it does for them.

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Our team of nutritionists and food technologists (and parents!) know all sorts of stuff about what’s good for gut health and little growing bodies.

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