We get it. It’s tough getting your child to eat foods that are good for them.

That’s why we’ve created Mo Milk.

It’s more than just milk. It’s 15 billion colony forming units of live probiotic bacteria in every serve.

That’s A LOT of good bacteria to help support your child’s gut microbiome (fancy term for gut health). It’s also got prebiotics – a dietary fibre that helps feed the good bacteria in your child’s gut.

Why is this important?

The gut microbiome is a tiny ecological community inside the gastrointestinal tract that plays a very important role in helping to balance digestion, the immune system and many other aspects of health. But let’s face it, kids don’t care about all that. To them, Mo Milk is just a creamy, delicious milk drink that they’ll love, and you’ll love what it does for them.

Happy gut, happy child, happy parents.