All parents worry about whether their child is getting the nutrition they need.

The idea for Pipan came to me while unpacking the groceries and reading the labels of some of the supplements my wife had just bought us.

She would often take some of the adult supplements and crush a small portion into our son’s food or milk. There was a fine art to it, making sure we added the right amount and that he didn't catch us doing so.

After all, there was no way he'd willingly consume something he saw us sneaking additional healthy, functional ingredients into. Chocolate, yes. Vitamins - no way!

That’s when it hit me - there actually is an easier way. Why not just create a supplement-laden snack?

The foundations for Pipan were set on the basic principle of making products that are good for both kids and parents.

Our goal is to make a full range of healthy food products that children enjoy and parents are happy to give them. We want to empower parents with the knowledge that they are taking the right steps to ensure their child gets a nutritious and balanced diet.