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Over time our little boy became a fussy eater – he knew what he liked (honey on toast) and what he didn’t like (everything else).
His unbalanced diet was a source of guilt and concern for both of us.

An unbalanced diet means unbalanced health. We worried about his growth, development and immune system, particularly when so many children at childcare seem to have permanent runny noses.

Sam’s keen interest in health and nutrition combined with Phil’s background in food manufacturing lead to a team-lightbulb moment - Rather than enduring daily battles over the dinner table, why not just create a range of fortified foods that children would be happy to eat or drink? So with a team of industry experts, we set about creating the first of our long list of ideas, MO MILK. A delicious, kid-sized milk drink that allows parents to supplement their child’s diet with active ingredients like probiotics (good bacteria), prebiotics (dietary fibre), DHA (for brain health), lutein (for eye health) and more.

Our goal at Pipan is to make a full range of healthy food products that kids enjoy, and that parents would be happy to give them. As we said, parenting is challenging. It’s the best, most difficult, rewarding, nerve-wracking, enjoyable, worrying and love-filled job we’ll ever have – and one we wouldn’t swap for anything. We wouldn’t mind making it a bit easier, though! And once their diet’s under control, maybe we come up with a way to get them dressed for kinder on time?