General FAQ

General FAQ

Are your products made in Australia?

Yep! Pipan is Australian-owned, and our products are made with all the high quality and food safety standards that Australia is known for. We use Australian ingredients where possible, and source only the best from around the world where necessary. For more information about each product’s proportion of Australian ingredients, please contact us.

How are your products developed?

We are a team of food and nutrition industry veterans, from engineers to food technologists, and constantly look into the latest in clinical evidence-backed advancement in childhood nutrition. More importantly, we’re also parents and kids at heart, so we know how a food looks, smells and tastes is really all that matters on whether it gets eaten or ignored. With all these in mind, we carefully balance nutrition and flavour to come up with the best of both worlds, so even little picky eaters won’t know (or care, really) that the treat they’re having is actually good for them.

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