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Pipan Foods

MO MILK® Synbiotic Chocolate

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Mo Milk. It’s more than just milk.

Probiotics + Prebiotics = Synbiotics

15 x  chocolate flavour sachets
Just add 100mls of water!

15 billion CFU of live probiotics per serve
Multi-strain proprietary probiotic blend for kids
Prebiotics derived from chicory root fibre
100% Australian dairy
No added sugar
No artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
Not Suitable for children under 12 months of age


MO MILK® Original has 15 billion CFU of live probiotic bacteria and super important prebiotic fibre in every delicious serve. 

That’s A LOT of good bacteria to help support your child’s gut microbiome (fancy term for gut health) It’s also got prebiotics – a dietary fibre that helps feed the good bacteria in your child’s gut. 

Why is this important? The gut microbiome is a tiny ecological community inside the gastrointestinal tract that plays a very important role in helping to balance digestion, the immune system and many other aspects of health.

What’s even better is that there are no nasty artificial colours, flavours or preservatives –it’s all natural ingredients with a creamy taste kids will love so much you won’t even have to bribe them to get them to drink it!

Probiotics + Prebiotics = Synbiotics




Milk Solids [96.8%] (Full Cream Milk, Buttermilk, Milk Protein Isolate), Inulin [1.2%] [Chicory Root Fibre], #Pipan Probiotic Blend [1%] (Lactobacillus plantarum [N13], Bifidobacterium lactis [BLa80], Lactobacillus rhamnosus [LRa05], Bifidobacterium longum [BL21], and Bifidobacterium infantis [BI45], Maltodextrin), Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Natural Flavours and Colours^.



Mo Milk is recommended for kids aged 1 year and up.


We recommend a daily serve of Mo Milk.


Store in a cool and dry place. After reconstitution, store milk in refrigerator at or below 4°C, and consume within 1 day.





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How It Works

1. Select subscribe option on any of our 15 x Sachet tubes

2. Select your desired frequency fortnightly or monthly

3. Receive your MO MILK® delivered order to your door. 


Why Subscribe?

1. Enjoy a further 10% off orders

2. Don't be caught our without MO MILK®

3. Pause, skip, cancel. at any time

4. Free shipping on all orders


Terms & Conditions

When you purchase a subscription you'll receive repeat deliveries. These are based on the subscription duration and frequency that you select.

If you want to pause, cancel or change your subscription, you can do it at any time. Your order confirmation emails have links to your order. You can manage your subscription from there.

Your payment details will be stored securely and you'll be charged for each of these deliveries, unless you choose to pay in advance.

Some subscriptions may auto-renew at the end of their duration. If you don’t want to renew a subscription you can cancel it.


Simply empty one sachet in 100 mls of water and stir.


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