3 Tips For Boosting Your Child's Immune System.

3 Tips For Boosting Your Child's Immune System.

As a parent your main priority is keeping your children happy and healthy. Finding ways to best navigate the challenges of COVID is not easy for anyone so we've put together a few tips to boost your child's best defence system.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure your child is getting the right kind of support to help boost their immunity.

1. Rest.

Many usual routines went out the window with the pandemic including class schedules, screen time limits and bedtime.

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Holiday season is also a time where bed times are extended. Try to ensure you get back into somewhat of a routine and ensure your children are getting enough sleep.

Sleep time is when the body regenerates, restores energy and repairs cells. Sleep is helpful for having a healthy circadian rhythm (fancy word for body clock). Having a healthy circadian rhythm helps boosts-the immune system. So sticking to a regular schedule and getting in the recommended hours of sleep will help do it's part in supporting your child's defence system.

2. Reduce Refined Sugar.         

With so many foods with hidden sugars, it isn’t always obvious the amount of refined sugar your children are consuming.

Try to encourage whole foods and avoid those which may contain harmful additives.

Inflammation, which weakens the immune system, is often caused by the elimination of beneficial bacteria in the gut, caused by refined sugar.
Keeping your child's essential vitamins up with whole foods or supplements is recommended together with a pre and probiotic to support gut health.
This will support the balance of the gut and provide a healthy environment for your child's immune system to perform it's best.


3. The Superhero Combination of Vitamin D & Calcium

Vitamin D essential to the health and functioning of your immune system. Calcium is also extremely essential in the early years of development and is a vital element in the absorption of Vitamin D. While spending at least 20 mins per day outdoors is recommended, the combination of calcium and vitamin D supplements is also a good way to support your child’s immunity.